Hogan Assessments -  LEADERSHIP FORECAST SERIES - Report & Debrief (1 person)

Hogan Assessments - LEADERSHIP FORECAST SERIES - Report & Debrief (1 person)

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This package includes:

  • Access to the Hogan three (3) core assessments (HPI, HDS and MVPI)  to help you increase your relationship effectiveness and your leadership. 
  • Five (5) reports which consist of:
    • Potential Report (19 pages) - outlining day-to-day leadership style, describes behaviors typically associated with that style, leadership competencies, and comprehensive development recommendations.
    • Challenge Report (19 pages) - describing how leaders are likely to interpret the world and treat subordinates while under stress and identifying career-derailing behaviors that interfere with the ability to build a cohesive and high-performing team.
    • Values Report (18 pages) - exploring the core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations, and expectations about life. What people value determines how they will lead; this determines the kind of environment a leader will create and the sort of organizational culture in which the person will do the best work.
    • Coaching Report (18 pages) - a self-guided, comprehensive development-planning tool for individual leadership development. The Coaching Report integrates the information from the Potential, Challenge, and Values reports into a five-step planning process.
    • Summary (7 pages) - an overview of a candidate’s strengths, challenges, and values. The report integrates results across the HPI, HDS, and MVPI to provide a snapshot of interpersonal performance and values in relation to future career aspirations.
    • 1-hour debrief session (via video conference) with a certified practitioner of  Hogan assessments.

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