If you want to stimulate your team(s), spark action, instill momentum and/or align your organization toward your vision; either facilitation or speaking services can help you successfully achieve these goals. 

Facilitation Services

Facilitation is an approach used to help you and your team to become more effective and efficient through a process that stimulate participation, collaboration, reflection, analysis, decision-making and achievements.   

Our facilitation can help you and your team to:

  • Discuss emotional matters,
  • Develop a fresh outlook on an issue,
  • Define new goals and objectives,
  • Analyze an issue using critical thinking processes,
  • Find innovative solutions,
  • Establish inclusive implementation plans,

As a facilitator, we:

  • Encourage open communication and full participation
  • Stimulate exploratory examination and creative thinking
  • Inspire sound decision-making and action-oriented behaviours
  • Promote the development of innovative and inclusive solutions

We can facilitate your sessions using various approaches; such as team building retreats, peer coaching exercises or World Café.

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Speaking Engagements

If you want to convey your message or a topic to everyone at once, we can help you do that.  We specialized in multiple topics such as Self-Awareness, Assertiveness, Leadership, Management of Priorities, Action-Driven Thinking; as well as in the use of different assessments such as Emotional Intelligence & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

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